what we do:​  

  • we currently work with clients in York and Cumberland counties in Maine
  • first one-hour consultation is free of charge. We'll arrange a time and place to meet and we'll talk. I'll ask a lot of questions and take careful notes. If you decide that hiring us is a good idea, we'll draw up a customized contract with the details of your project, a timeline and fees
  • we'll show you how to organize, de-clutter and simplify with techniques that really work
  • we'll go into the cellar / attic / storage unit with you and help donate, repurpose

           or toss the possessions that no longer serve you

  • we'll put on our work gloves and help you sort through what is useful and /or

          meaningful to you and what is not

  • we'll recommend our favorite products and services - things we use ourselves
  • we'll teach you how to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle long after we part ways
  • we'll make you a cup of tea when you feel overwhelmed by it all
  • we'll show you how to manage your surroundings and possessions in a new way
  • you'll quickly discover that living with less lowers stress levels and creates more time for family, friends and fun

what we don't do

  • we don't criticize; we work for you
  • we don't judge; we're here to help
  • we don't force; we make suggestions and provide guidance 
  • we don't argue; each decision is yours and yours alone


  • we offer many options to fit any budget, starting at  $45. for a one hour private consultation. Please contact us for a complimentary quote.

get organized

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